Mom’s Guide to Choosing the Best Pregnancy Pillows

How to use a body pillow

Getting a good rest is pivotal in maintaining a balanced and much healthier life. The same cannot be any more emphasised especially when it comes to maternal health. Let’s see why looking for the best pregnancy pillow might be worth the effort. Researchers have come up with ways of alleviating some of the stresses that expectant women carrying all this weight have to adjust to. Some of these ways have been by improving the comfort and function of the pillow. A pregnancy cushion can come in a variety of sizes and shapes and might just be what the doctor ordered when it comes to the durable comfortability they bring.

Pregnancy affects the way a person normally sleeps. If you were accustomed to sleeping on your stomach this will change owing to the pressure that might be exacted on the developing baby. The solution to this would be to invest in a body pillow pregnancy support wedge pillow, which works well for side sleepers. Stomach sleepers have the advantage of checking out the stomach cushion.

I haven’t forgotten that the dimensions and shape of a person also factor in on the selection of the proper support. Below we will look at some helpful tips that an expectant mother should look out for in relation to size and weight. Finding the best pregnancy pillow takes a great deal of effort.


Smaller women tend to go for equally a small pregnancy cushion. So you might find that a full-length body pillow pregnancy support might not be best suited for them.

The Plus-size variety

Like with all matters plus related care should be exercised when picking out the perfect pregnancy support pillow. So far, the C-shaped pillow has been found to be the preferred choice among many women. It relieves the pressure on the spine and the neck, which rest on the curve. The right pregnancy support pillow is the key to a healthier body.

Carrying twins?

Then the U-shaped body pillow is the answer for you. Due to the more enlarged size of the stomach, the U-shape provides a sort of prop for the back thus making it an excellent choice for back sleepers. This is then amplified by the curves of the U shape that come all the way to the front and in this way providing ample support for the neck and pelvic area. The full body pillow pregnancy support will do the trick in this case.

Having this out of the way will get us a bit further in determining our selection, by way of summary we will quickly scroll down a list so you can find the best pregnancy pillow available, with respect to size, sleeping posture and allergic reactions.

Best U-Shaped Pregnancy Cushion

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If it comes to outstanding and trusted qualities of the U-shaped variety then this product fits the bill: the Back ‘n Belly contoured body pillow offers the flexibility of movement by allowing you to turn whichever way you feel most comfortable to sleep in. The cavity on the inner curve of the U-shape will allow stomach sleepers snoring well, not practically – but still, in no time.

Best C-Shaped Pregnancy Cushion

Best body pillow for pregnancy

This particular type of pregnancy support pillow is best suited for petite ladies in any stage of their pregnancy. The elongated C shape allows the sleeper to move freely left or right. The best of the bunch in the C-shaped category is hard to find, though, it depends on personal preferences.

Best Wedge Pregnancy Cushion

The Boppy Trellis wedge body pillow is certainly a fan favorite among many pregnant women. For more info on the product, you can shop online. However, I’ll just highlight some of the reasons why it’s so loved by many women world over. They’re nice and sturdy meaning they don’t compress as much when applied pressure on. This is crucial because a side sleeper will not be required to roll over on their stomach. The roll will be cushioned or impeded by the gently sloping structure of the wedge. Oh, and it’s also very cheap, the cheapest.

Best Memory Foam Pregnancy Support Pillow

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The selling point of memory foam is that it conforms to the body shape of the sleeper, hence the name. This quality makes it very comfortable because a very little pressure is required for the weight displacement. It’s like sleeping on a cloud methinks, but the ladies are the better suited to relate the feeling. The pregnancy body pillow is machine washable and can be thrown into the washer with the cover on which saves time in not having to remove the cover. The stuffing used is shredded and this just makes it all the more easy handling and lighter to move around.

The Best Type Pillow for Side Sleepers

Statistics show that 1 out of every four adults and children are side sleepers. Psychologists think the reason for that is a habit that was formed during the gestation period, which is before conception. Hence the name ‘foetal position’, if as an expectant mom you find difficulty lying on your side like you’re accustomed to then you might want to be more enlightened on the choice of filling and how this affects the performance of your pregnancy body pillow.

Finding the Best Pregnancy Pillow: Fillings

  • Styrofoam filling

This lightweight pliable filling is reminiscent of bean bag seats and cushions of the early nineties. This feature also makes it cooler as there is an adequate flow of air inside the pregnancy cushion making it very breathable as well.

How to use a body pillow
  • Micro-bead filling

The granulated particles of this filling almost look like grains of salt, same color texture but without the coarseness and definitely not as heavy, if at all. It offers great body pillow pregnancy support, though.

  • Polyester fiber filling

Polyester fiber has traditionally been a standard filling for bed coverings and duvets but as a pregnancy pillow filling it hasn’t done as bad either. The beauty of this being that it is purely 100% polyester fiber that goes into the pillowcase and not a combination, as is the case with coverings. Makes very little stir as you shuffle it about, ideal for light sleepers. It’s an incredible pregnancy support pillow.

  • Memory foam filling

As we had seen earlier, the foam has the ability to take the shape of the user’s body. Don’t worry if you might think it’s permanent because it does retain its original shape afterwards. This innovation is simply to enhance user comfortability and provide as much pregnancy pillow support as possible.

  • Cotton/Wool

One might be wont to imagine that cotton wool would make the least candidate for the best material for filling but good old cotton wool never disappoints. And as a pregnancy pillow, it works just as great. The high points of cotton are; it’s natural, very hypoallergenic, soft and lightweight.


The key to making the right choice pregnancy pillow is knowing the right information on where to get the best in terms of quality and affordability. The body pillow pregnancy support can be felt differently by mothers, so it’s better to test more items. The tips highlighted on this and other pages of this site will serve as a lodestar in directing you to make the right purchases. Like all matters maternal, you should take serious advice as prescribed by your general physician, so our information is just directing you to the best pregnancy support pillow for you.

Many of the products on this site have been researched and tested. Nevertheless, it is wiser still not to disprove the heed of your physiotherapist, and especially in the later stages of your term. Additional info on the other products plus other helpful tips is available on the links provided and other pages on this site. Remember, finding the best pregnancy pillow can be hard, but it’s worth it. ​​​​​​​