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Many studies have shown that a good rest stimulates the rebirth and regeneration of healthy dendrites called ‘good dendrites’. The mentioned accounts for 70% memory boost and overall improved brain function. Indeed sleeping is very healthy for your brain. By so knowing, it would be wise for one to invest in a good pillow. Now, there are diverse pillows in the market today that cater for every sleeping posture there is, and pregnancy pillows that ease the sleeping mother’s adjustments in sleeping posture.

This brings us to the all important question as to whether you are aware of your posture when you sleep. This will help you in making the perfect choice when it comes time to upgrading your sleeping pillow or looking to invest in a pregnancy support pillow.

Read on to learn more about the sleeping positions (you may be surprised to realize there’s maybe more about how you sleep than you think).

Fetal Positions aka Side Sleeping with a pillow

If you have the tendency of laying down on your shoulders and hip, then you are a back sleeper. As a soon to be mum, you may have noticed that your posture may have been affected by your pregnancy. The beauty with sleeping on a pregnancy cushion is it allows you to continue enjoying your rest in your favorite position whilst ensuring your child’s safety and comfort.

Sleeping on Your Stomach with a pillow

Stomach sleeping tends to put a lot of strain on your neck; this comes with the restricted movement of the head right and left. The good news here is that there are pregnancy pillows and regular sleepers as well. Mums can continue to enjoy the benefits that come with sleeping on your stomach, as will their partners.

Sleeping Facing Up with a pillow

Best body pillow for pregnancy

For lovers of this position of sleep, the disappointing bit is that snoring tends to be an occupational hazard for this posture. This can be very distressing especially if your partner is sleeping next to you. Many snorers will agree that this is due to the pressure that is applied to the windpipe. Now a good support should be able to fix this problem and there are also pregnancy supports available for these as well.

That breakdown of the more common postures must leave you with a clearer understanding of how to improve the comfort level of your sleeping position with a more specialized support or pregnancy pillow. That done, we can now move onto what a prospecting pillow shopper should look for in a high quality body pillow and pregnancy cushion.

Stuffing used for pillows

89% percent of a pillow is not surprisingly comprised of the stuffing used. Traditionally, feathers have been a common stuffing used to make pillows and cotton wool as well. Advancement in technology has not seen a gradual phase out of these forms of stuffing. They have simply been improved on, and what’s better is that they cater for a wider audience of sleepers. Reasons being that many don’t favor these kinds of stuffing because they may develop allergic reactions to the materials.

Hypoallergenic sleeping pillows are the answer to this problem. And especially for pregnant mums that know the kind of physiological conditions that come with pregnancy. The first type of body cushion and pregnancy support pillow stuffing is with feathers.

Feather stuffing for pillows

How to use a body pillow

We have already mentioned this in passing, now if only to elaborate further: bird plumage is the preferred stuffing here, anything from geese feathers to much smaller birds of the garden variety. Sleepers who may not be accustomed to sleeping on feather pillows may feel inclined to fear that some of the ends of the feathers may penetrate the case and prick them.

The fear is not irrational as such, but the good news is that many of the pillows that are stuffed with feathers may also be lined or mixed in with much puffier stuffing like cotton wool to prevent penetrations. Like many feather pillow sleepers will agree; a restful night’s sleep is assured regardless of whether you are a fetal posture sleeper and so on.

Memory foam stuffed pillows

Like the name may suggest, this pillow retains memory of your body as you sleep with the major areas being the neck spinal column and hips if the pillow is a pregnancy support cushion. Ideally, the indentations made are not in any way depressions made on the support system of the pillow but rather an attribute of the stuffing used. The material is very malleable, enabling it to adjust itself to the shifting of the user as he she sleeps.

Stuffing in the Form of Latex Pillow

Best body pillow for pregnancy

Another classic body and pregnancy pillow stuffing is the latex filling. This stuffing is very sturdy and offers excellent support; another important feature that many sleepers look for and an added advantage is its thermoregulatory nature of the stuffing used. This means that the pillow has the amazing quality of remaining cool on a warm night.

Natural Stuffing

Not unlike the feather stuffing in being made of entirely organic materials, organically stuffed body neck and pregnancy supports can be filled up with virtually any kind of soft and textured stuffing. Some of these include buckwheat. The seeds make for an excellent thermo regulator as they release warm air in the night time and cool the sleeper on a humid evening. Alternatively, if the night should prove chilly then the seeds will retain the warmth needed to keep you sleeping soundly throughout the night.

Next we will look at more stylized pillow innovations for that sleeper that may require certain modifications in their nap time. The first and indeed most timely invention is that of the cervical cushion.

Cervical pillow pregnancy

Certainly the name gives it away as being a body pregnancy support for women. But this maternity pillow does more than offer hip and leg support for pregnant women. You see, it can also work miracles for sleepers with back problems owing to its therapeutic design.

Oxygen promoting supports pillows

Studies on diabetics have shown that this pillow improved lung capacity, which in turn, increases the level of oxygen in the blood. Ideal for people that prefer lying on their backs; this pillow greatly reduces that annoying snoring habit that your loved ones have been complaining about.

Cooling Support Pillow

The stuffing is what enables this pregnancy support pillow to earn its name. If you’re a lady approaching menopause, this pillow will keep you cooler when it comes to those dreaded hot flashes. Migraines that often accompany the flashes can also be alleviated by the head temperature regulating features of the stuffing employed in crafting this pillow.

Snore Proof Head Support Pillow

pregnancy pillows

If you have a sleeping partner that tends to snore while sleeping, you agree that this tends to be a distraction to you enjoying your own sleep. The problem with snoring sleepers arises in the pressure applied on the air passages, hence the strained and heavy breathing. According to research conducted on this pillow in 2006, the pillow was found to have provided better results for people with the highlighted condition.

Summary of pillows

Reading this article has probably opened your eyes to solutions to the many problems that plague everyday sleep for many people. Just because the pillow has been with us for millennia does not necessarily mean that improvements cannot be made to it as technology and sleeping habits change to fit today’s modern lifestyle.

So far we have seen that the stuffing chosen goes greatly into improving the quality of sleep desired. We have listed the best as far as this goes; or at least the most widely accepted. There are other options for those with more exquisite tastes or as we had mentioned those that are prone to developing allergic reactions to some of the materials used as maybe an acquired irritation owing to pregnancy.