Mom’s Guide 101: Best Pregnancy Tips Regarding Pillows

Best body pillow for pregnancy

Childbirth is the crowning moment in almost every married couple’s life, even more so for the woman who has the work of carrying and bringing the child into this life. Now, every mother will agree that pregnancy brings with it some degree of discomfort. Especially when it comes to sleep. That is why pregnancy pillows have been designed. You may be looking for the best pregnancy pillow, but we’re here for more than that. If you’re also looking for a body pillow pregnancy support, keep reading.

These pillows have been cited the major contributing factor to many healthy and successful deliveries. Many women and mothers in general are at a consensus when it comes to the subject of choosing the right pillow for nurturing period. Having a pregnancy cushion is certainly a great investment and will greatly ease the discomfort that you most certainly experience and also your spouse’s anxiety on whether you’re sleeping in the correct posture, whether it is good for the baby, and so on and so forth.

This is not a review on various assortments of pregnancy pillows, nor the contest for the best pregnancy pillow. The intended aim of this review is rather to make you more aware and educated for making the best choice of a pregnancy pillow and for knowing what you should expect from the product. The first in the long bucket list of qualities you should expect from the best pregnancy pillow is its shape. Let’s see more on this topic.

Best Pregnancy Pillows: Overall shape and design

The best pregnancy pillow may come in many shapes and of course many sizes all depending on the preferences of the client. Here you’ll find at least some guidelines on what to expect from the market.

Wedge pillows

pregnancy pillows

These come in variety of designs but the gist of it is that it has to be in the shape of a wedge; the actual shape being that of a sloping plateau with elevation.

Guaranteed maximum comfortability, the only flaw of this type of pillow is that it typically simply props up a woman’s belly and lower back. This pregnancy pillow does not support the neck, head, and torso of a mother which are equally important and must be provided with adequate relaxation required for successful deliveries.

This quality gives it the distinctiveness of being the smallest pillow in the market. A pregnancy support pillow doesn’t have to be too big in order to serve its function as a regular pillow. It may easily compensate for lack of upper body pregnancy support not offered. But its redeeming and most rewarding quality is its wedge shape which takes the pressure off the hips completely.

Perfect for soon to be mothers that want the best in terms of comfort and better pregnancy sleeping posture, if you’re one of them, you should definitely check out one of these.

Full length pregnancy pillows

How to use a body pillow

A full length pregnancy support pillow must be the alternative to the wedges as this particular support pillow offers full body support. Good news is that the sizzle in your marriage doesn’t have to go out because the woman is nurturing your soon to be bundle of joy.

This type of pregnancy cushion is apt for cuddling so the father gets to get in on the action of being close to both the wife and the unborn child. The flexibility of the pregnancy support pillow is another of its great many advantages as it allows the sleeper to adjust it to the preferred shape they desire. Reason being that some are made from microbeads or Styrofoam filling, hence making them pliable. It’s like a body pillow pregnancy support.

A bonus advantage is that no other pregnancy cushion is required, or any other pillow for that matter. Owing to its full body length, it does the work of a pregnancy support pillow and any extras that may have to be used as with above mentioned wedge pregnancy pillow are done away with.

Having now given you an a overview as to what to expect in regards of the design and appearance of the pregnancy cushions out there on the market, lets now look at the questions that any pregnancy pillow support prospective owner should be asking before venturing out to get one:

What is the perfect size of a pillow?

pregnancy pillows

That’s a good question. The size should not be big enough as to cause your sleeping partner discomfort but also should be small enough to be able to get both you and the baby well relaxed by not being too cumbersome. There are many medium sized body pillow pregnancy brands out there but the ultimate buck stops with the mother as with all matters relating to maternal instinct: the lady knows best.

The filling used

The filling used is important because it will determine the firmness of the pregnancy support pillow. To revisit our earlier topic on the full length pillow, it is usually filled with microbeads or Styrofoam filling, but that is not everything that can be used because they come in a variety of choices.

There is the synthetic vs. organic filling, whereby organically filled pregnancy cushions may have granules of seed in them or even whole seeds. It sure can broaden the scope of the consumer preferences and tastes.

Best body pillow for pregnancy What if I develop allergies to the fibre?

Some women tend to develop allergic reactions to the material these body pillow pregnancy supports are made out of, or sometimes the filling causes allergy. Maybe it is a part of the hormonal changes and acquired tastes that come with pregnancy, but the good news is that there is just a type of pregnancy cushion available on the market for such cases. Hypoallergenic pregnancy support pillows will soon have you sleeping without the apprehension that you might develop a rash or the sniffles from the product.

Wrapping it up

It is our sincerest expectation that this guide has been something of an armoury for you if you’re thinking of shopping for a pregnancy support cushion either for yourself or as a gift for a friend or loved one that is expectant.

Your physician may also be a great guide in helping you choose the best pregnancy pillow. Though, with the help of the information above and the correct shopping sites online, it might not prove to be a daunting task per se but it is still good to get a second or third opinion. However, a body pillow pregnancy support will always do the trick. Remember, you’re not in this alone, the child, even unborn one, can influence your choice, so venture out with this in mind and you will be fine.