Today’s Mum Cosy Vs. Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

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You may be reading this article and wondering what is a mom’s cozy pregnancy pillow or its equally very popular counterpart the Snoogle. We will begin by defining the latter, that is; the Snoogle pillow: a Snoogle is basically your C –shaped pregnancy pillow. Of all the full body pregnancy pillows the C Shape is the most trusted and preferred by many expectant women.

With this pillow, no other support is required as it offers full rear-front support and is perfect for mums experiencing back pains that are a normal part of the gestation period. The brand “Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow” is simply one of the best in the US and we’re very happy to write some facts about it. Snoogle Loop Pregnancy Pillows are also a great choice and we are going to play the versus game with these two products.

Mom cozy comfort pregnancy pillow is another offering from American pillow makers Today’s Mom. These pillows are the largest in the market currently. Reviews of Mom Cozy seem consistent in the fact that it provides the best all rounded support for the sleeping mother. It does this by aligning itself to the contours of the body. In the case of twins or triplets back pain should often arise from this due to the tremendous pressure exerted on the spine.

Mom cozies have relayed positive feedback from mothers that experienced this problem. This kind of pillow gives the impression that one is sleeping inside it. This is because a doughnut-like lacuna allows for the legs to go through and still be able to reduce heat between the legs by the curves of the mom cozy propping up either thigh. In terms of body pillow best choice, you’ll need to look for something specific that you love.

We will better try to exhaust the functions of these two pillows through a reviewing of the best in each category with the aim of getting the expectant mother learn more about the benefits they can access from them. Let’s look at some reviews of the Today’s Mom Cosy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow:

Best body pillow for pregnancy

Today’s Mom Cosy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

If the C- shaped pregnancy pillow is touted as being the mother of all pregnancy lady pillows then the Today’s Mom Cosy Comfort pregnancy pillows are the grandmother of pregnancy cushions. Unlike the equally loved Snoogle, this pillow offers complete support for any posture and in any direction. Best maternity pillow reviews on Today’s Mom Cosy Pillow amazon have rated this pillow as wonderful because its oblong shape allows for so much head turning free space so you don’t have to move your entire body when tossing.

Basic Design

The shape is basically very geometric and the material used is a cotton polyester blend which gives it its lightweight quality. The support offered goes all the way round the back and closes up round the front. It’s ultimately a pregnancy pillow for the lower back. This design enables it to practically take up the place of any other cushion that was used in normal circumstances. Moms don’t have to worry about giving the pillow away after delivery because its large size and basic shape make it a great pillow for nursing and weaning (if you have space)

Today’s Mom Cozy Pillow Buy Information

Today’s Mom Cozy Pillow Amazon products are usually discounted as well and you can find great competitive prices. The best Today’s Mom Cozy Pillow price will definitely take some more research, but a pregnancy pillow for lower back is an amazing investment.

How to use a body pillow Advantages

This type of body pillows is hailed as being the best for mothers experiencing back and hip pain; simply due to its being able to completely prop up the entire body, which makes it just as comfortable sleeping on the floor. This pillow is a bit pricy but well worth the bargaining that’d go into it. We can say this is the best body pillow for back and hip pain.


Despite maximum comfort, it is too big as a pregnant lady pillow. Bird eye view shots make the sleeping mom look like she’s in a slightly flatter bean bag. Unless you have a super king size bed, this pillow will probably push your spouse out of the bed.

Snoogle Pregnancy Pillows

Now let’s remind ourselves what this well received pregnant lady pillow looks like.

Basic Design

Sometimes this pregnancy pillow is called the C – shape pregnancy long pillow. Its qualitative feature is the fact that it offers most support for the tummy and the lower back. It consists of a zipped cover that is machine washable. The filling is a hundred percent polyester fiber filling has been added into an elongated C shape tapered at the ends.

The sleeping woman reclines her head on either curve depending on what side of their body they’re laying on. A side sleeper can sleep turned inwards or out of the crescent shape of the pregnancy pillow for the lower back.

Back support in Snoogle Total Body Pillows comes in when the soon to be mom is facing out; therefore having the curve go lengthwise over the entire back: pass between the inner thighs (for heat control) and re-convene underneath the stomach; providing adequate support. This product was developed because many pregnant women wanted a pregnancy pillow sleep on stomach.

Snoogle Loop Pregnancy Pillows offer a basic design, but a very useful one. The Snoogle pillow price is definitely the most important factor that should be assessed.

Snoogle Pillow Buy Information

Snoogle Pillow Amazon products offer many discounts and there are many another online retailer, which care to provide great prices. Whether you’re looking for the best pregnancy pillow price or for the best pregnancy pillow set and don’t care about the money, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.


As far as its unique and beneficial qualities go, it can still be used as a nursing pillow. Its tummy support can be compared to that offered by the famous wedge-shaped pillow. Best pregnancy wedge pillow online reviews claim that adequate sleep in pregnant women is better enhanced by complete and proper tummy support.

Pregnancy wedge pillows are specialized to offer this kind of support. But for women that may have lower back pain a body pillow that can both help ease some of this pressure and still offer the proper support for the ever-expanding womb. These being said, Snoogle Total body pillows can be an excellent choice for many mothers out there.


This kind of C shaped pillow from Snoogle Total Body Pillows is best suited for side sleepers and thus kind of shuts out mums that may have the propensity of maybe laying on their backs or may want the best pregnancy pillow for seeping on their stomachs. This pregnancy pillow is priced slightly in the mid-level range and this may be shown on the online best pillow on the market reviews or pregnancy pillow prices on Amazon and other sites.

Final Thoughts

We hope this comparison of the two pregnancy long pillows has left you with the impression of what you expect in terms of durability comfort and affordability next time you’re looking for the best pillow on the market reviews. Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow vs Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow should give you the information you need to take a wise decision. A mom cozy comfort pregnancy pillow will definitely be a great investment.

Just remember that in the end, you will need maximum pregnancy pillow support.