What is the best pregnancy pillow?

Some pregnancy pillows are the undeniable leaders, loved by everyone. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow happens to be one of them:
Great support for the tummy, hips, back, and head;
Developed by a mother and a registered nurse;
Quick cooling and ventilation;
Removable, machine-washable cover.

Why pregnancy pillows are important and who are they designed for?

Pregnancy would be a much more joyful time if you did not have to stay awake half of your nights. But, unfortunately, apart from the hormonal mood swings, this joyful period is associated with a whole bunch of other challenges, and tossing and turning as you try to fall asleep is just one of them. Luckily, for most problems, there is a solution these days, and your nightly discomfort can be alleviated with quality pregnancy pillows . A simple investment into a ‘tummy sleeper’ will ensure proper joint alignment, supporting your back, neck, head, and — of course — your growing belly. This will finally offer you and your partner a chance at a sound night’s sleep.

Sure, to make the investment count for something, you will have to take your time looking for the best pregnancy pillow , tailored to your needs. This is exactly what this guide is aimed at — helping you find the perfect model that will support your changing body and offer you a chance for some comfortable, relaxing experience during the night. With so many options out there, finding the perfect pillow for your needs can be a little frustrating. So, read on, and we will guide your through the entire process.

Top maternity and pregnancy pillows to buy

As a rule, pregnancy pillow reviews are a nice way to get started with your search. So, we have compiled a list of the most top-rated models that should help you wrap your head around the whole subject. Sure, any time you are looking for something as individual as a pillow that would support your changing body, you have to focus on the models you will be most comfortable with. However, if you have never shopped for maternity pillows before, customer ratings usually offer a very nice start. So, we are offering you the list of best pregnancy pillow reviews — based on our own expertise in the area, as well as the feedback from satisfied customers. A quick note right from the start: even though the top rated model in this list is a sound and nice investment into your health, it does not necessarily mean that it will be the right choice for your particular needs. In other words, lower customer review does not necessarily mean lower quality. So, read on through all of the ten models carefully and do not forget to consult our shopping guide below to figure out how to choose a pillow that will be tailored for you exclusively.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow Review


It's really great for pregnant women.

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is for those people who have a bed full of pillows. If you use them for comfort way more than for decoration, then the extra 'fluff' you receive with the new Leachco product is amazing. One single pillow can replace all others easily. It offers better sleep so in case that you have problems, sleeping with a body pillow it will certainly make you feel relaxed and get a more comfortable sleep. The horseshoe form of this pillow supports the back, neck, stomach, and hip. It eases pain and keeping the pillow between your neck and your legs helps keeping the spine in a straight line. It reduces pain in knees, legs, hips, and legs. The Leachco follows the form and contour of your body, being a comfortable pillow.

Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillow Review


An amazing body pregnancy pillow that will ensure long undisturbed sleep at night. Due to its special shape, the model does not require adjustment or repositioning at night — you simply turn from one side to another and enjoy great support for your back and stomach. The steady support effect is achieved because of the specific, hour glass inner curves that align to your changing body shape and guarantee the right joint positioning. Made of quality, toxin-free synthetic materials, Leachco is safe for you and your baby. Removable machine washable cover accounts for low maintenance and trouble free cleaning when necessary. Double decker head and neck support alleviate the pressure points and finally offer you a chance to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow (Full Size)


Another great example of pregnancy body pillow that is designed to support your back, neck, and stomach. Filled with quality synthetic fiber, the piece never goes flat, which is exactly why this model will offer you a chance to enjoy the best, the most undisturbed sleep. Specific U-shape, identical on both sides does not require readjusting — if you want to turn at night, you simply do — the pillow is as comfortable on the right as it is on the left. The model keeps your head up, alleviating night breathing. Apart from sleeping, this pillow will ensure great TV watching and simply relaxing experience. Free air flow and thought-through ventilation systems prevent Comfort U pillow from heating.

Petite Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow Review


A smaller version of the pillow described above, Petite Comfort U may not offer the same comfort as most total body pillows , but it does offer a great cradle for your neck, shoulders and stomach. On the other hand, it allows a bit more ‘freedom’ for your hips, so if you are not looking for a perfect joint alignment, the option is worth considering. And, if you are looking for a great TV watching and reading experience, this compact piece has no rivals. Made of the same synthetic fiber material, Petite is a solid example of a quality U shaped pregnancy pillow — even if a small one. Chances are, you will still enjoy using it when nursing.

Premium Multi-Position Contoured Pregnancy Pillow with Zippered Cover


Another fantastic example of a maternity pillow that will not disappoint. This contoured pillow is designed to adjust to the curves of your body, ensuring the ultimate relaxation during the night. The unique designs supports your back and stomach, alleviating breathing and preventing snoring. Supplied with a removable micro plush zippered cover (also available for sale separately), this multi-position pillow is low and easy maintenance. Available at a reasonably affordable price, the model comes with a 30-day full refund guarantee. Aimed to alleviate heartburn, sciatica, and carpal tunnel, this multi-position model is one of the leading pregnancy pillows out there.

Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow Review


A great maternity body pillow that will finally help you to relax at night, Shredded Memory Foam model is soft to the touch and is designed specifically to prevent allergies or any other kind of discomfort. Not only hypoallergenic, but also dust-resistant, this pillow is incredibly simple to maintain. One of the few memory foam pillows that are machine washable, this model is perfect not only for pregnant women, but also for adults who are looking for the most relaxing sleeping experience in general. A great model tested in several independent labs for filling, durability, and emissions, Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is a choice you will not regret.

Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper Review


A fantastic snoogle pillow from the leading manufacturer, Leachco is designed to ensure targeted support during pregnancy. This great pillow with removable washable cover guarantees supreme back support, which is why it can be your best friend not only when pregnant, but also while nursing. Supporting both your back and hips, the snoogle ensures natural joint positioning, alleviating target pressure points and making your sleep and nursing experience more relaxing. This is not a cheap pregnancy pillow , though — even despite its compact size. However, quality filling materials and the perfect adjustment to the shape of your body makes Leachco model a sound investment in your future comfort.

Today's Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow Review


Another example of a solid pillow designed with pregnancy and nursing in mind. Ensuring great support for the tummy while sleeping, and supporting mummy’s back when nursing, this great maternity pillow is worth every penny. Caressing the natural body curves and ensuring constant comfort, Today’s Mom is a solid choice you will not regret. Apart from supporting your shoulders while nursing, the pillow perfectly aligns your body when sleeping. Great for sleeping, sitting, and lying down, the pillow ensures even weight distribution in every position, keeping you snug and comfortable. Made of quality, non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials, Today’s Mom has a lot of useful features for pregnant and nursing women.

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge, Petite Trellis


Boppy pregnancy wedge is an amazing choice for mothers who are looking for portable, compact design solutions. This small and firm pillow is designed to support your back and belly. At the same time, the model is very lightweight, so you will have no difficulty moving it around with you when needed. Compact dimensions and minimal weight makes it possible to take the pillow on travels. At the same time, this pregnancy cushion is perfect in supporting your back and stomach. However, differently from most of the full body models described above, this piece requires repositioning when you turn at night. Zippered cotton slip cover is machine washable, which is another nice perk. Of all pregnancy wedges , this one definitely deserves a shot.

Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow Review


One more example of the pregnancy pillow that is compact and can be taken anywhere you like, Slipcovered body model can help you go through your pregnancy with ease and comfort. Supporting your hips, back, and belly, this memory foam pregnancy pillow is made of quality materials that will serve you flawlessly for a very long time. As you may expect, removable slipcover is also machine washable. The set includes an extra slipcover to make cleaning and maintenance even easier. On the whole, this is a great, affordable choice for women who would appreciate some extra support not only while falling asleep at night, but also when dozing off in front of the TV.

Pros and cons of using pregnancy pillows

Great support for your body.
Sure, this one will depend on the shape of the pregnancy pillow you choose, but on the whole, most total body pillows ensure great support for your head, shoulders, belly, and hips.
Proper joint alignment.
Maternity pillows are designed to properly align your joints, relieving pressure to the problem points and ensuring great comfort while sleeping, nursing, or simply sitting down. In a nutshell, they give a chance to forget about sore muscles and joints.
Alleviate stress and discomfit from your growing body.
The whole point behind pregnancy pillows is that they offer a chance to alleviate growing stress and discomfort from your body changes. Giving you a chance to forget about discomfort for a while, they will be our best friends during pregnancy.
Ensure sound trouble-free sleep.
And, of course, they finally give you a chance to relax at night. Ensuring quality support for your belly and back (the most problematic areas during pregnancy), these pillows will finally offer you a chance at a sound night’s sleep.
The biggest drawback even behind the best pregnancy pillow is that it is going to be rather costly. Sure, you cannot put a price tag on your health and comfort, but if you are not planning to have more kids in the future, the cost may become a deal-breaker.
Not always come with a removable cover.
Few of these pillows are machine washable, so if they do not have a removable washable cover, the cleaning might become an issue.
Not always hypoallergenic.
This, of course, will depend on the pregnancy pillow you choose, but on the whole, you have to double check if the filling is hypoallergenic. Remember that pregnancy can trigger allergies you never suffered from before.
Few models have cooling and ventilation.
Only the best pregnancy pillows will come with proper cooling and ventilation, which also may be a bit of an issue with the increased sweat production.

The ultimate guide to choosing the pregnancy pillow

As you might have already guessed, choosing the best pregnancy pillows is a strictly individual thing. Here, you will have to consider areas that require support, think of the best shape for your needs, and weigh over all pros and cons of going with each pillow type. And here is the most detailed guide that will help you make the right choice you will not regret.

What is a pregnancy pillow: shapes explained

For starters, let’s consider the shape you will be more comfortable with — after all, this is one of the most important aspects. Here’s the simple subdivision that will help you get started.

C-shaped pregnancy pillow

A great example of a model designed to support your entire body. Due to the shape specifics, such pillows will offer a comfy support for your head, neck, shoulders, back, and stomach. Just press your back to the closed part of the “C” and enjoy full support for all of the above areas. If for example, you sleep on your side — especially if you stick to the same side all night long — this is a perfect model for you.

U-shaped pregnancy pillow

An even greater example that ensures perfect support for your sore areas, U-shaped pregnancy pillow might be more beneficial than a C-shaped body pillow because it does not require repositioning during the night. In other words, if you need to turn around, you just do — and enjoy the same solid support for your back and tummy. On the whole, this is a perfect model for mommies who sleep in their side and change their position at night.

J-shaped pillow

J-shaped models balance somewhere in between U and C-shaped pregnancy pillow . On the one hand, most of them are soft and adjustable, so you can easily mould J into a C, or sometimes even a U. On the other hand, they are not mirrored, like a U-shaped pregnancy pillow , which is why you might have to readjust them when you turn to the other side. So, this model can be suitable for side-sleepers who like to readjust their position at night, but not too often.

Pregnancy wedge pillow

Pregnancy wedges are another option worth considering. Those are compact models that do not offer full body support. On the other hand, a pregnancy wedge pillow is a very compact and portable model, so you can take it anywhere you like. And, it still offers solid support for your tummy and back. Obviously, all pregnancy wedges will require repositioning when you turn. So, they are the best option for sound sleepers.

Pillow fillings revealed

Another crucial aspect to focus on while looking for the best pregnancy pillows is the filling. The subdivision below will help you figure out the best material not only your full body support pillows, but also the right filling type for your traditional, standard ‘head' pillows.

Feather filling

This option is the unbeatable classics. Those are usually the mix of feather and down, which are soft to the touch and can accommodate a range of different sleeping habits. Another perk is that most of them are machine washable, and even though it takes these pillows long to dry, they are relatively low maintenance. However, they get flat under the pressure and require constant fluffing.

Down pillows

The same goes for 100% down pillows. They are much softer than models with the mix of down and feather. The biggest drawback is that they get immediately flattened under your weight, and regular fluffing might become too bothersome.

Synthetic pillows

There is a whole bunch of synthetic pillows as well. Usually very affordable, they are designed to last for a really long time. However, the vast majority of polyester models do not offer solid support for your back, neck, and tummy. Latex, rubber-like pillows guarantee greater, more stable support. But, they might be too firm during the pregnancy. Traditional latex pillows are designed for those who prefer sleeping on their back and also rather costly.

Memory foam

Memory foam pregnancy pillow might be your best choice. After all, this type of filling is hypoallergenic and quickly adjusts to the shape of your body. On the other hand, though, synthetic foam might be a bit too slow to readjust its initial shape, so if you turn a lot, this kind pillow might have some potential for discomfort. Still, given their hypoallergenic nature, it is not at all surprising that most models, from full body to pregnancy wedge pillow , are made of quality hypoallergenic foam.


A great natural option when it comes to standard pillows, especially if you prefer low, not overly soft pillows. However, if you like your headrest to be soft and fluffy, this is not the best idea for you.


One more example of a synthetic filling that is firm and can become a real treasure for back and side sleepers. However, even if you enjoy falling asleep on your back, get ready that micro bead can omit some pretty obvious synthetic smells. So, this might not be the best idea during pregnancy.

Getting started with your choice

Sure, even though the information described above can be pretty helpful in figuring out the right pillow type for you, we understand that it can still be a bit confusing. So, pay attention to the following aspects while shopping — if you focus on these factors, you will choose the right maternity and nursing pillow in no time.

Your sleeping position

Obviously, this is the most important aspect to focus on. On the whole, side sleepers are the lucky ladies who can through their entire pregnancy without readjusting their sleeping habits. Most of the pillow models described above are perfect for those who sleep on their side. So, the pillow ‘letter’ you choose will mostly depend on how often you turn from one side to another. If you sleep on your back, you will have to modify your sleeping habits after the first trimester, so the golden piece of advice would be to go with a U-shape.

Your allergies, if any

Another incredibly important aspect to focus on any time you are looking for a trouble-free pregnancy. Ideally, you should consult your doctor here — after all, pregnancy can trigger extra allergies you never suffered from before. Or, you can kill two birds with one stone and go with a hypoallergenic memory foam instead. This is the easiest and the safest solution you can come up with it.

Does the pillow have a removable cover?

Another thing that should not be neglected, a removable cover can make a huge difference when it comes to cleaning — especially if you choose memory foam or a full body model. Both will unlikely be machine-washable (due to the specifics of the filling type and the bulky shape of the total body model). So, having a removable, washable cover is very important. Do not forget that sweat production may increase during pregnancy, and you will have to wash covers and pillow cases more often than you expect. Also, note that some pillows come with two covers in a set — this is a perfect option indeed.

Your budget

Finally, there is the matter of price. Even though it is possible to find a couple of affordable models, most pillows for mommies-to-be are rather pricey. On the upside, most of them are also worth it. Still, it would be wise to consider your budget range before hitting the stores — this should help you narrow down your options, saving you quite a lot of time and effort. Plus, if you are not planning to have more than one kid, you will unlikely use this costly pillow for a long time.

At the store: how to choose

By now, you should already have some idea about the perfect pillow model for your needs. This, however, is not the end of the line — not yet. Ideally, we would suggest you check out a couple of pillows in real-life mode — especially, if you have never shopped for pregnancy pillows before and not quite sure which models will be the most comfortable for you. So, here is what you should do at the stores.

Why you should define the pillow type in advance

This one is very important: save your precious time and energy and narrow down your choices before hitting the stores. Knowing a couple of models you want to check out will save you more effort than you can imagine.

Why price is not always a reliable indicator of high quality

Remember that high price does not always mean high quality. Sure, this might be an indicator, but not 100% of the time. Also, note that popular brands charge extra for their name. Your focus, on the other hand, should be your own comfort. Sometimes, less established companies can offer the same quality products as the leading manufacturers.

How to test drive pregnancy pillow for comfort

And finally, do not be ashamed to actually test the pillow before making the payment. Lie down, change a couple of positions — in other words, see how it really feels.

At home: how to maintain

And, if you want your pillow to last, here are a couple of maintenance tips to make use of:

  • wash pillow covers at least one a week;
  • check out manufacturing guidelines before machine washing a pregnancy wedge pillow;
  • use little detergent to avoid allergies.

The best pregnancy pillow: main takeaway

By now, you should be the top maternity expert, knowing exactly what it is you are looking for in a perfect pillow for your sore back and growing tummy! To sum it up, here is a quick overview of the tips mentioned above. Any time you are about to start searching for the perfect pillow, focus on the shape. Most pillows for future mommies are designed for side-sleepers — in any case, you will not be able to continue sleeping on your back or stomach after the first trimester. Ideally, choose a hypoallergenic model — unless you are pretty sure natural filling materials (like down and feather) will not trigger any allergies. Also, do not forget about the removable cover — your best friend while washing! And, of course, while estimating your budget remember that you cannot put a price on your and your babies health.