What is the best pillow for side sleepers?

Why customers rate Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose Rayon Cover derived from Bamboo by Coop Home Goods as the best side sleeper pillow?
Strong support for your neck and head;
Quality hypoallergenic and dust-resistant filling;
Machine washable;
Backed up by a 30-day full refund policy.

Why these pillows are important and who are they designed for?

There is an amazing range of pillow models out there — from full body to knee pillows . Yet, which one should you choose if you simply enjoy sleeping on your side? Here, the range of options will be enormous, and the right choice will depend on a variety of factors. In a nutshell, you will have to consider the best size, shape, and filling material. All of these aspects have their ins and outs, and you will have to carefully weigh them over while looking for the most comfortable pillow.

Perhaps, the most important aspect to focus on while looking for the best side sleeper pillows is whether the model provides quality support for your neck. If it doesn’t, you risk waking up with a stiff body and sore muscles. In the long run, the issue may be hazardous to your health, spine, and posture — not to mention the constant feeling of fatigue in the morning. Quality support pillow , on the other hand, can prevent — or even entirely eliminate — neck pain in the morning. And this is exactly why we came up with this article — this detailed guide will help you find the most suitable pillow for your sleeping habits.

Top 10 Best Side Sleeper Pillows Reviews

First, we would like to draw your attention to pillows for side sleepers reviews. Obviously, high customer rating indicates the many people have already found one of another model helpful in alleviating nightly neck pain and ensuring supreme relaxing experience. Still, as you browse through the reviews, remember that these ratings are a nice way to get started with your search and inform you about the most impressive features of one or another pillow type. Yes, the models described below are truly the best selling pillows. Still, this does not mean that any of them will be perfect for your sleeping habits.

On the other hand, these customer ratings offer a really nice start in helping you figure out the right pillow for you. Sorted from the most high-rated, the most popular models, and gradually moving on to less appreciated (but still high-quality) products, this list makes full use of our professional expertise in the industry. In other words, you will have something more solid to rely on than simple customer reviews. So, read on to find that comfortable pillow tailored to your needs!

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose Rayon Cover derived from Bamboo Review


The Shredded Memory Foam Pillow made by Coop Home Goods is a perfect pillow for all side sleepers. It's firm and thick, and will not flatten when you change your position during the night. Basically, all sleep positions require some level of support to protect the neck and the back, but side sleepers are super vulnerable to the pains and aches of poor support at night. For them, the thick foam is quite easy to mold into the space formed by the shoulder gap. Even when you try to sleep with an arm under an ordinary pillow or even a cotton one you won't be able to fill that space. Cotton and down are easily flattened and simply give out overnight. They lose support. The shredded memory foam does not lose its shape during the night and you can sleep with an arm under it. It's perfect for both stomach and back sleepers as well.

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow Review


The Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow allows you to fill the water chamber to adjust the level as you want - the cover can easily come off. Chemicals are not required to keep it fresh. There is also a tight seal (located on the water section) which allows you to keep the water in perfect condition for up to 365 days without making any changes, and since light cannot penetrate the thick padding, no contaminants such as algae can form. The pillow is washable for a fresh surface at any time. All you need to do is just remove it and toss it in your washing machine.

The water chamber is covered by a thick layer of 100% polyester filling. This way, the pillow gets a fluffy cushion and the water provides perfect support, movement and adjustable height. It's a great pillow for those with neck pain and pregnant women as well.

Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow Review


Another amazing memory foam pillow for neck pain that is hyperallregenic and dust resistant. Of all the neck pain pillows, Conforma model is one of the best, the most affordable choices. Quality cotton cover and pressure relieving memory foam filling makes the pillow suitable for a wide range of sleeping habits. Removable velour cover is machine washable, which ensures easy, trouble-free maintenance. This pillow is available in Queen and King sizes. Regardless of your choice, this is one of the best pillows for neck pain because it ensures steady support, safely cradling your neck all through the night. Careful ventilation ensures the pillow does only stay cool all through the night, but also remains odour-free for years after the purchase.

Bamboo Combination Memory Foam Pillow by Snuggle-Pedic


A great choice for those who would like to forget about neck pain in the morning once and for all, Snuggle-Pedic is one of the one of the best models that can reduce neck pain — or even entirely eliminate it. This hypoallergenic piece with cooling is orthopedically tested and designed for all sleeping habits. No matter if you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, Snuggle-Pedic is the best pillow for neck pain ensuring steady support all through the night. The model is made in the US and comes with a 90-day full refund guarantee, which is another nice perk. Available in three US sizes, this pillow never goes flat and does not call for constant fluffing.

Buckwheat Pillow (Made in USA) by ComfySleep


A great, relatively flat pillow for restless sleepers, buckwheat model by ComfySleep comes with an extra 1lb filling (on top of the 6lb, already stuffed into the piece). So, if you would like to make this pillow a little thicker, no problem at all! ComfySleep has already considered it in their calculations. Made in the US, and stuffed with quality, 100% natural material, the model is a great choice for any adult, providing great support and ultimate quality. Buckwheat hulls used in the production are chemical-free, which ensures yours and your family’s safety. Organic grown cotton case comes with an invisible zipper, which makes cleaning and refilling simple as ABC.

Original Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow by Natures Pillows


Another great example of a good pillow made of 100% organic materials. Similar to the model described above, buckwheat hull moulds to the shape of your head and neck, ensuring great support while sleeping. Supplied in a natural cotton case cover and filled only with organic materials, the pillow has therapeutic qualities that ensure the most relaxing experience as you sleep. Available in three different sizes, Natures Pillows is a solid choice for anyone who enjoys versatility and would prefer some free options when it comes to choosing pillow size. Made in the US, the model is also available at a highly affordable cost, so it will not damage your pocket.

Z by MALOUF 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow Review


If you are looking for a firm pillow , no need to search any longer — Z by MALOUF can offer you exactly what you need. Some of the firmest pillows out there, latex models ensure supreme support for your head and neck, helping you to forget about sore muscles once and for all. Designed for side sleepers exclusively, this amazing model is made of natural quality materials, which accounts for its high durability and long lasting life. The special zoning technology guarantees support in the areas that really need supporting, alleviating the pressure and ensuring ultimate relaxing experience during the night. All in all, this quality pillow may cost a little extra, but in the long run, the price is worth every penny.

ViscoFresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour Pillow by Sleep Joy


A great memory foam side sleeper pillow that will not disappoint. Special contour neck cradle makes the piece perfect not only if you sleep on your side , but also if you occasionally turn to your back. The cradle alleviates breathing and prevents snoring, which is a huge perk for your loved ones. Green tea additives reduce the synthetic foam smell and stimulate sounder, more relaxed sleep. Made of quality polyester, the piece is breathable and moisture-resistant, making sure nothing will disturb during the night. Supplied with an inner and outer cover to prolong pillow life and ensure easy cleaning and maintenance, Sleep Joy is a high quality pillow worth considering.

SleepBetter Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow Review


Micro denier gel fiber is a solid choice for everyone who loves their pillows neither too soft, nor too firm. This type of filling resembles goose down, but differently from the natural goose down filling, it does not require constant fluffing. The piece comes with 4.5-inch gusset which ensures great support even for uneasy sleepers. No matter how you toss and turn at night, the gusset will ensure that the pillow stays right where it belongs. Quality 300 thread count cotton case may not be as smooth as silk, but it does prevent the case from slipping. Available in two different sizes, this great pillow is also sold at a very affordable price.

Pros and cons of side sleeper pillows

Solid support for your neck and head.
Great support pillows, side sleeper models are designed to alleviate neck pain and sore muscles in the morning. They help to prevent potential damage to your health and posture, which is the main reason to consider these models.
A range of materials to choose from.
Side sleep pillows come in many different materials, from natural down and feather to synthetic gel and memory foam. In other words, your range of options will not be limited.
Possibility to customise certain pillows.
This usually goes for buckwheat sleep pillows, which often come with some extra filing for those who prefer their pillows a bit thicker. Other models vary mostly in size.
Generally, low maintenance.
This, of course, will depend on the type of pillow you choose, or, to be more precise, pillow material. With an exception of memory foam, though, most models are simple to maintain and take care of.
Not always affordable.
Once again, this will depend of the type of support pillow you choose. While buckwheat and feather are usually cheap, memory foam and gel fiber are not.
Not suitable for stomach sleepers.
There is no such thing as the perfect pillow for all sleeping habits. This type, in particular, is a horrible choice for people who prefer to sleep on their stomach.
Synthetic pillows may emit chemical smell.
While firm memory foam or an iso cool side sleeper pillow is a solid investment in your health and posture, these synthetic fillings often come with a chemical smell.
Natural pillows may cause allergies.
Natural models, on the other hand, have some potential for an allergic reaction. Even though this hardly ever happens with buckwheat pillows, down and feather models may trigger allergies. In fact, even lower quality synthetic filling may appear allergenic.

The ultimate guide to choosing a side sleeper pillow

For side sleepers, quality support pillows can make all the difference between a good morning and a not so good one. Even though this is one of the most common sleeping positions, this type of sleeping habit is also associated with a stiff neck and sore muscles after a night’s sleep. On the other hand, picking the right pillow can prevent back and neck pain — or eliminate it if you are already experiencing this issue. So, read through our shopping guide to choose a one of a kind, perfect pillow to enjoy undisturbed sleep.

Pillow fillings by type

There are plenty of filling materials out there, and many of them can make your nights sound and mornings relaxing. All in all, filling type is one of the first things to consider while searching for the best pillows for side sleepers.

Feather pillows

One of the most common examples of a good side sleeper pillow, feather model is neither too firm, nor too soft. Usually mixed with down (fluffy substance between bird skin and feathers), these pillows are available in different firmness levels. The higher the feather percentage, the firmer the pillow will be.

U-shaped pregnancy pillow

An even greater example that ensures perfect support for your sore areas, U-shaped pregnancy pillow might be more beneficial than a C-shaped body pillow because it does not require repositioning during the night. In other words, if you need to turn around, you just do — and enjoy the same solid support for your back and tummy. On the whole, this is a perfect model for mommies who sleep in their side and change their position at night.

Down pillows

This model, on the other hand, is not so good for side sleeping. Sure, a lot will depend on the fill power, but on the whole, most down pillows are too soft for those who prefer sleeping on their side. Plus, they get flat really quick and require constant fluffing.

Synthetic pillows

This is not a bad example of a pillow for side sleepers, but a lot will depend on the exact material. Polyester and gel fiber are usually a nice choice that can adjust to the shape of your body and ensure proper neck support. Other synthetic materials (expect memory foam) do not have much of product life, though.

Memory foam pillows

Another crucial aspect to focus on while looking for the best pregnancy pillows is the filling. The subdivision below will help you figure out the best material not only your full body support pillows, but also the right filling type for your traditional, standard ‘head' pillows.

Latex pillows

A great choice for everyone who favours an extra firm pillow, latex is rather expensive material that is 100% natural. All in all, it reminds of rubber and can be an amazing choice for everyone who sleeps both on one’s side and one’s back. These pillows are indeed a must for back sleepers, but a lot of side sleepers enjoy using them as well.

Micro bead pillows

Another solid example of a quality model for those who sleep on their side, micro bead is a quality synthetic material that lasts long and can ensure quality support. They are usually flat, but some models come with extra filling that can make the pillow thicker.

Buckwheat pillows

This pillow for side sleepers reminds of a micro bead filling, but is one hundred percent natural. Once again, buckwheat pillows are usually low and a bit flat, but they can be filled with more buckwheat if you like.

Kapok pillows

This type of pillow reminds of a down model, which is why it should not be the top choice for those who sleep on their side. However, kapok is also a much more denser material, which is why these models are thicker than down & feather counterparts and do not need that much fluffing.

Water pillows

Another solid choice for those who love versatility, water pillows can adjust to your body shape. And, you can also adjust water pillows to your needs! After all, you are the one determining the fill power and the density here, so you can fill and re-fill them as often as you like.

There is more to memory foam pillows

Since the choice is defined by your sleeping position, pillows come in a variety of different shapes — especially, if you have set your eyes on a memory foam model. And you should! Memory foam are amazing pillows for side sleepers because only this filling type can ensure the best support for your neck and make your nights truly relaxing. So, let’s go through their possible shapes in greater detail.


This one is pretty simple — a basic rectangular pillow in three basic US sizes. If for example, you like keeping one of your hands wrapped around the pillow, no need to look any further — this model can offer everything you are looking for.

Neck roll

This pillow is, indeed, a roll. Curricular shape is designed specifically for those people who already suffer from neck pain in the morning. Night after night, it will keep alleviating the symptoms until this magic pillow eliminates the pain entirely.


One of the most popular types of memory foam pillows, a contour model comes with a cradle for your neck. This, in its turn, ensures solid spine and neck support during the night. The pillow also features a dent in the middle, so if you sometimes turn to your back, this is a great choice for you.

Egg crate

Egg crate is basically another type of contour pillow. The only difference is that this model comes with small, egg-like crates that are designed to ensure faster, easier ventilation. Do not forget that many synthetic pillows get hotter when your sleep. Egg crate model, on the other hand, significantly alleviates the issue.


This one is a more of an addition to a standard pillow rather than an independent piece. Shape specifics makes this model a nice fit for side-sleepers who do not mind turning to their stomach once in a while.


Another popular type, widely adopted by different customers, wedge shape is a must for people who prefer keeping their head a bit elevated. Designed for those who sleep on their side, the model quickly became popular among people with slow blood circulation and pregnant women looking for some extra support for their growing tummies.

Size matters: Choosing best pillows for side sleepers

If you choose to go with a classic, rectangular or square pillow, the next aspect to consider is the size. Similar to the filling type, different sizes can accommodate different sleeping habits.

  • Standard pillow (20”x26”): one of the best choices for side sleepers who love their pillows compact, standard pillow size is one of the lightest and the most affordable models out there — regardless of the filing type.
  • Queen pillows (20“ x 30“): this rectangular pillow is a bit larger and offers some extra comfort for those who sleep on their side. Plus, it ensures proper spine support.
  • King pillows (20“ x 36“): king sized pillows are suitable for every sleeping habit, and their extra size accounts for supreme comfort and relaxation at night.
  • Euro Pillows (26” x 26”): perhaps, not the best choice if you sleep on the side, this model is the best fit for those who love sleeping on the back and even the stomach.

What do you do at the store?

No matter if you are looking for a knee pillow or a standard one, there are some shopping tips you’d better keep in mind — they will make your choice worthwhile.

Even before you are there

Many inexperienced shoppers ask — why should you always research pillow type before you start shopping? Why cannot you just go to the nearest store and make your decision there? Well, if you have read the article, the answer is pretty simple — there are so many different models out there that choosing the one perfect for your needs requires a bit of time and thinking.

Give it a try!

Another question is, what to pay attention to while test driving pillows in stores? Obviously, your comfort! Do not be ashamed to lie down and see how it really feels.

Online shopping tips

If you know exactly what kind of pillow you are looking for, try sticking to licensed stores and reputable brands. Sure, popular brands charge extra for their name; on the other hand, you can stay certain you are investing in quality product that will not require replacement any time soon.

Maintenance tips to make the most of your purchase

Sure, finding the best model to your liking is very important; but, making sure it lasts a long time should not be neglected either. So, make a note of some simple maintenance tips that will ensure the new pillow serves you a lifetime:

  • Covers as a protective measure: for starters, never underestimate the importance of a quality pillow cover. In fact, consider going with a piece that has an extra cover in a set. This way, you will use the spare piece while the first one dries off after washing.
  • Feather and down pillow cleaning tips: if you choose either feather or down pillow, you can both dry clean and machine wash them. If you wash pillows at home, use little detergent, stick to non-abrasive soaps and make sure you dry them at very low temperatures.
  • Foam and synthetic pillows: most of these pillows are not machine washable, so you have to double check care recommendations for each particular model. However, many memory foam pillows can be rinsed with water or even sprinkled with soda to alleviate chemical smell.
  • Other (micro bead, kapok, buckwheat): once again, a lot will depend on the exact filling type you choose, so always consult the manufacturer before cleaning. With buckwheat pillows, for example, only the case can be washed, so you will have to remove the filling before machine washing. Micro bead, on the other hand, is usually machine washable. Kapok pillows, once again, will be harmed by a washing machine.

Best pillow for side sleepers: the takeaway

By now, you already know what a good side sleeper pillow should look and feel like. The only thing left is to hit the stores looking for that perfect piece. And here are the main highlights of the article you should keep in mind. First off, pillows are available in different materials, and plenty of them can accommodate side sleepers. So, it is up to you to decide which filling type matches your needs. On the whole, memory foam is the best option because it ensures quality support and is usually hypoallergenic — that is, a win-win combo for most shoppers. Still, other fillings, like natural down, feather, and buckwheat have their perks, too. All in all, as long as the model you buy is relatively firm and is quick to adjust to your body shape, stay assured — you have found the right pillow!