What is the best travel pillow?

What is the best travel pillow? Most shoppers name Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow by Travelrest as the undeniable leader!
Full lateral support for the upper body;
Keeps your head from falling;
Inflatable and washable;
Pillow for kids and adults.

Who needs a travel pillow & major reasons to have one

Travel can be productive and unforgettable. Still, it would be hard to argue that it can also get pretty stressful. This is especially so for people who travel on a regular basis. When the routine overpowers the excitement, even the slightest discomfort can set you off balance. If you have ever tried falling asleep on a bus, in a car, or a plane, you know how annoying it is to wake up with a sore neck. And, of course, you know this unforgettable feeling when after every push or bump, your head slips down, waking you up in an instant. Neck pillows for travel, on the other hand, can significantly alleviate the issue.

With solid neck support, travel can finally become trouble-free. Most of the models designed for travel can help even people suffering from chronic pains through their trips. And, of course, they are quite handy if you simply want to relax and have some undisturbed (as much as it is technically possible) sleep on the road. Designed to alleviate car, bus, train, and plane trips, neck and inflatable travel pillows can make all the difference in the world between a nice trip and a not so nice one.

Top 10 best travel pillows reviews

The obvious way to get started with your search for a best travel neck pillow is to go through some pillow comparison online. After all, there are so many different models out there, and each of them has the pros and cons of its own. Moreover, the choice of options is pretty impressive — different shapes, textures, and brands — evolution pillow, j-model, inflatable version, contoured one — mean that making your choice can become a bit challenging. This is exactly why we decided to come up with a list of best travel pillow reviews. Our fullest compilation includes both inflatable travel pillow reviews and non-inflatable neck pillow reviews. On the whole, the first type is more compact, while the second one ensures steadier neck and head support. The other features are pretty much the same. Still, as you will find out after reading our travel neck pillow reviews, different models come with different perks of their own. So, if you would like to make your travels truly relaxing, get down to our pillow comparison — it should offer you a really nice start with your search. Based on our expertise in the area and customer ratings from all over the globe, the info should be more than enough to help you find the best travel pillow!

Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow by Travelrest


Definitely one of the best travel pillows out there. Perfect for planes, buses, and trains, travelrest travel pillow is a true find for any traveler. If you are looking for a model that provides ultimate lateral support, this is it. It guarantees the best neck support while at the same time keeping your head from slipping. Great pillow for adults and children, Travelrest is a highly versatile model anyone will appreciate. Even if you are experiencing any chronic pains, chances are this little miracle worker will alleviate them. One of the best ergonomic designs is made to prevent neck strain and body tension. Travelrest pillow is available at a very affordable cost, although the removable velour cover is for sale separately.

Comfort Master Travel Neck Pillow by Crafty World


A compact neck support travel pillow that is both comfy and lightweight, Crafty World is a great choice for everyone who likes to travel light. According to the reviews, this great model can accommodate even post-op patients. Not only a pillow for travel , but also a great addition to your standard pillow, the model comes with a removable washable cover and a separate elastic bag to carry the piece. Available in three different colours, Crafty World is a bright neck pillow kids will love! Adults, on the other hand, will highly appreciate its therapeutic qualities and the optimal support it offers. Filled with quality memory foam, this pillow is a choice you will not regret.

AirComfy Travel Pillow Review


A great air travel pillow that will make any trip more enjoyable, AirComfy can be attached to the headrest, ensuring the ultimate relaxing experience as you doze off. Carefully tested design keeps your head upright all through the flight, preventing even a chance of a stiff muscle. One of the best inflatable travel pillows for airplanes , this model is compact and lightweight. Even more importantly, you can use this little piece for lumbar support, too. Or, you can even have two models on the plane (one for the head and one for the lower back support) — even two pillows will still weigh less than a pound! This will make even the longest, the most tedious flights less stressful.

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow


Evolution pillow is designed to support not only your head and neck, but also your chin. Truly one of the best travel pillows, this model is made of quality memory foam, which is easy to compress and take with you on any travels. Removable machine washable cover consists of cotton (80%) and polyester (20%), which makes cleaning simple and trouble-free. This evolution pillow is available in so many different colours that anyone will have no problem finding the exact shade to one’s liking. Colourful design makes it possible to use the piece as the kids neck pillow; adults, on the other hand, will highly appreciate its versatility, solid neck support, and compact dimensions.

J Pillow Travel Pillow Review


The j pillow is a fantastic choice for side sleepers who would finally like to relax during travels. Due to the shape specifics and the computable j-curve for your chin, this fantastic neck support pillow for travel will give you a chance to doze off with your head on the side. One of the best pillows for airplanes , buses, and trains, the j pillow is a great investment in your travel comfort. Another impressive perk of this pillow is that, differently from the majority of models, this whole pillow is washable. Available in six different colours, the piece comes with a 6 month full refund guarantee. Compact, lightweight, and highly hygienic, the j pillow definitely deserves a shot.

Kohbi Travel Bliss Memory Foam Neck Pillow Review


One of the most affordable travel pillows for airplanes, cars, trains, and buses, Travel Bliss is nonetheless a very solid investment in your comfort. Removable, washable velour cover is soft to the touch, adding to your blissful experience. Quality memory foam filling adjusts to the shape of your body, helping your forget about any kind of discomfort on the road. This is a solid choice for everyone looking for some ergonomic travel pillows for neck support. Keeping your neck upright, the pillow does not push your head forward. Despite its surprisingly low price, Kohbi Travel Bliss is a perfect example of a high quality, best neck support travel pillow that will keep you relaxed no matter how you travel.

Travelmate Memory Foam Neck Pillow


Another great example of a travel neck model, Travelmate pillow is made of quality, thermo-sensitive memory foam that moulds to the shape of your body. Ensuring proper neck and head alignment, this model will truly be one of your best friends while travelling. Plush velour cover is soft to the touch and can be removed any time you feel like washing it. A truly solid example of quality pillows for travel, this model is lightweight, compact, and has a built-in elastic strap that helps to attach the pillow to your baggage. Ensuring best neck support and proper spine alignment, this solid model will help you through all kinds of travels — air, car, train, etc.

Aeris ANP001 Airplane Pillow for Neck Support with a Portable Bag


One of the leading neck pillows for travel, Aeris ANP001 is great not only for planes, but also for trains, cars, and buses. Filled with quality, adjustable memory foam, the model guarantees solid neck support — travel will no longer be an issue, even if you are suffering from chronic pains and think you cannot fall asleep on a plane. One of the few memory foam models that is ventilated for at least a week before hitting the stores, this best air travel pillow does not emit any chemical odours, ensuring the ultimate relaxation on the road. Plush velour cover, as one may expect, is machine washable. Portable bag, on the other hand, ensures that you will not have to wash it too often.

Adjustable On Air Neck Pillow by Lewis N. Clark


One of the best inflatable travel pillows, this great model is one of the few ‘copyrighted’ pillows for travel out there, which already says quite a lot. Contoured shape promises the ultimate neck comfort, while on-air technology ensures easy adjustment to your needs. This high versatility is just one of the few things that make this best inflatable travel pillow so special. Easy adjustment makes it possible to use the model by Lewis N. Clark as kids neck pillow or an adults’ one. Hand washable, the piece is also very hygienic and easy to maintain. Minimum size when non-inflated, little effort to adjust, solid neck and spine support — what else could you possibly want?

Etronic Ultra Comfort Massage Travel Neck Pillow ET-105


A highly unusual travel neck model with anti-stress vibration mechanism. The vibrating massage is aimed to relieve your stress during travels, alleviating muscle and spine tension. Designed to relieve pain and improve blood circulation, this travel neck pillow automatically shuts off after twenty minutes of massaging, so if you are afraid you will doze off under the humming sounds, no need to worry — Etronic has already taken care of everything. Unique design, suitable both when sitting straight and reclining, makes this pillow for travel one of the best choices in the market. Available in round and square shapes, this neck support travel piece offers some versatility, too.

Pros and cons of side sleeper pillows

Support for your head and neck.
The vast majority of pillows designed for travel ensure solid neck support and prevent your head from slipping. A travel neck pillow is the surest and the only means to get some sound sleep on a bus, plane, or in a car.
Lightweight and compact.
All leading models, including evolution pillow and other established brands, are very compact and lightweight — especially when it comes to inflatable travel pillows.
Even the leading, the top of the line pillow for travel is still going to be affordable. After all, those are not luxury items, and they never damage your pocket. On the other hand, such a trifle investment will save you a lot of trouble on the road.
Come with different perks.
Different models come with different perks of their own. Evolution pillow, for example, ensures additional support for your chin; Etronic offers relaxing massage, etc.
Generally, not washable.
The vast majority of inflatable travel pillows, and all other travel models in general, are not machine washable. In the best case scenario, only the removable cover can be washed, which is not very hygienic in the long run.
Few models provide lumbar support.
With a single exception of Air Comfy model, pillows made for travel are designed only to support your neck. However, on a long flight or a bus ride, your lower spine needs some support, too. Without it, you risk getting up with a healthy neck and a sore back.
Inflatable pillows are often leaky.
Get ready that even the best inflatable travel pillow will still be leaky — that’s how the things go. On a shot ride or flight, you will unlikely notice the issue; on the long one, on the other hand, you will have to re-inflate the thing once in a while, which can be pretty annoying.

The ultimate guide to choosing a travel pillow

Even though neck pillow reviews are pretty helpful in your search for a perfect model, there are a couple of other things you need to know before placing an order. After all, choosing the best travel neck pillow is an individual decision, and you have to consider such factors as filling type, shape, and size to make your choice worthwhile and your travels comfortable.

Travel pillow shapes

While looking for a travel ‘companion’, the shape of the pillow is one of the primary aspects to focus on. Here is the most detailed list of pillow shapes that will help you make your trips comfortable and tension-free.

Standard cushion pillows

No one says you cannot take a standard pillow on a trip. Sure, it will have to be pretty compact, and this decision can be associated with a number of cons, but if you are driving in the passenger seat of your own car, a classic pillow can come really handy.


The details are in the name — this model has a curved J-like shape. The j pillow, differently from the majority of models designed for travel, can support not only your head and neck, but also your chin. So, if you like sleeping with your head to the side, the j pillow is the only reasonable choice.


Another great example of a pillow that can prove handy on the road, U-shape model will ensure ultimate support for your head and neck. On the downside, it can be a little bulky, which is why it is not the best option while travelling with a common carrier. In a car, on the other hand, it can prove pretty useful — especially if you are not the one in the driver’s seat. On a train, plane, or a bus, a U-shaped model can also support your lower back.

Wedge-shaped pillows

Another great example of a pillow that is not designed for travel, but can prove pretty useful on the road. Differently from most travel models, this little piece can ensure lumbar (lower back) support. Most of the wedge pillows are made of memory foam, which means that they can adjust to the shape of your body. So, even if taking a wedge pillow on a trip might seem a bit strange, the idea is not as bad as it sounds.

Cylinder pillows

Cylinder, aka roll pillows, are another great example of a model that has not been designed for travels specifically, but can still make your trips more enjoyable. This shape can ensure great neck support. However, it will not keep your head from falling, which is a serious drawback.

Travel collar pillows

Most of the neck models look like a collar; this goes both for leading brands, like evolution pillow and cheap Chinese counterparts. This shape is, in fact, what everyone imagines when thinking of a pillow made for travel. Still, despite the variety of options in this particular category, available pillows are not quite the same. No matter if you choose to go with leaders, including evolution pillow, Travelrest, or any other brands we have not covered, stick to quality European and US models that meet international quality standards.

Curved pillows

The last type of pillow made for travel is the curved one. On the whole, it is pretty much the same as a neck collar, but looks a bit more like C, with broader slot for your neck. So, if you feel that standard collars are too suffocating, you can always go with a slightly wider option.

Travel pillow filling materials

Our travel pillow review section focused mostly on air and memory foam fillings. However, other options are also possible, and some of them might be more suitable for your needs and sleeping habits.

Down filling

A very soft, fluffy pillow that will make you feel at home even on a public bus. The biggest drawback of this filling type is that it gets flat under your body pressure and does not offer sturdy support. On the upside, most down pillows can be washed in the machine.

Foam filling

One of the best options for people who are looking for great neck and head support, memory foam moulds to your body shape and ensures the best travel experience. On the downside, these pillows slowly retrieve their shape and may emit some unpleasant chemical smells.

Bead filling

A great example of a synthetic filling type that adjusts to your sleeping position. And, differently from memory foam models, it adjusts the shape quickly. Micro bead can emit some chemical odours, too, but the issue is not too common. Another drawback you should bear in mind is that beads are usually pretty heavy, which is not always ‘compatible’ with travel.

Synthetic filling

Some of the cheapest pillows made for trips often come with a different kind of synthetic filling — usually, the blend of polyester and cotton fiber. Similar to down pillows, these models will be comfortable, but they will not provide the much-needed head and neck support.

Wool filling

Perhaps, one of the most durable filling types out there. Wool is soft, but sturdy, which is why it ensures great support. It is also relatively quick to adjust to your body shape. Differently from most synthetic fillings, wool can be regularly washed. However, it is quite heavy, which is why not a perfect choice for common carriers.

Air filling

The main reason of going with inflatable travel pillows is that they are soft, adjustable, and supporting — a great combo you cannot fight! However, it has a couple of cons, too. First of all, the support is relatively poor. Next, these pillows are easily damageable — one pop, and you are done.

Figuring out the size

Next, there is the matter of size. As a rule, this decision will mostly depend on the way you travel. So, here goes.

Inflatable vs non-inflatable travel pillows

Based on the inflatable travel pillow reviews, these models are the undeniable leaders. No surprise about that — when non-inflated, the pillows do not take any space at all. So, if you are looking for the best travel pillow that would be very compact and light at the same time, an inflatable travel pillow is a wise choice. The idea is simply perfect for public transport — whether a bus, a train, or a plane. However, remember that air models offer less support than cushioned and foam pillows.

Non-inflatable travel pillows: 12X16 vs 14X20

This is one of those decisions where a travel pillow review will not be helpful at all: after all, the size is an individual factor, and no one but you can make this decision. On the whole, smaller versions are lighter and can accommodate most people. But, if you prefer some extra comfort and do not mind a bit of extra weight, why not go with a larger model? Plus, if you use your own transport means, there is usually some space left for a bulkier pillow.

Things to consider before you make your choice

One more thing no travel pillow review will point out is how to choose the perfect model for your needs. No worries, though — we have already taken care of that below.

Mode of travel

This is one of the most important aspects. If you have a lot of luggage, use public transport, or simply love to travel light — the more compact the pillow is, the better.

Napping positions

A plane, bus, or a car seat is not your bed, so the range of positions will be quite limited. In any case, you will stay upright, so the only factor to consider here is whether you like your head to remain straight or you want to keep the head to your side. Any kind of travel-designed pillow is suitable in the first case scenario. If you like your head to the side, j-shaped models are the perfect option.

Allergies if any

And, of course, you should remember that some fillings (especially natural ones, like down and wool) may trigger allergies. If you suffer from any of those, hypoallergenic foam is the best decision.

When you choose

After you have figured out the best travel pillow for you, there is only one thing left — get down to shopping. And here are some other questions you need to consider if you want to make a worthwhile purchase you will not regret.

Is brand important?

Yes and no. On the one hand, established brands guarantee higher quality. On the other, they charge extra for their name. But, given the low cost on all portable pillows, a little extra charge for a quality guarantee is well worth it.

Does the travel pillow have to be pricey?

Definitely, no. Even the top-selling models are available at an affordable cost, so if you see a pillow that is obviously overpriced, there must be something wrong with the store.

What to pay attention to at the store?

Your comfort! That is the one and only thing that counts — so, do not be ashamed to take a close look at the pillow and even test drive it right there, at the store.

Care and maintenance tips

No doubt, a quality travel pillow review and the instruction manual already give you enough insight on how to maintain the pillow. Still, consider some of our suggestions, too. They will help to significantly prolong the life span of your chosen model.

  • always carry the pillow in a case;
  • before washing, always consult manufacturer’s recommendations;
  • wash the removable cover after each trip;
  • think of getting a spare removable cover if you travel often.

Making your travels pain free

After reading all of our travel neck pillow reviews, and going through the ultimate shopping guide, you should have no difficulty figuring out the best travel pillow, designed specifically for your needs. But, before you hit the stores, we would like to briefly summarise the main highlights of the article to make sure no vital information skipped your attention. All in all, most pillow models, designed for trips and travel, are pretty much like. Unless you choose to go with some exotic filling options (like feather or wool), you will have a choice between standard neck model with memory foam filling or an inflatable travel pillow. Even though the latter one will require re-inflating on the long trips and will not offer such sturdy support as a memory foam piece, it is way more compact, which makes this model an undeniable champion on the road.